Ligno Tablo

Ligno Tablo, Esperanto for ‘wooden table’, is made by hand from solid Iroko wood. Its design combines a superior degree of finish with an eye for detail that borders on the obsessive. To meet the demand for long picnic tables, Ligno Tablo is available in three different lengths: 3 metres, 3.6 metres and 4.2 metres. As you’d expect from Cassecroute, custom table sizes are also an option.

The elegant design language of Ligno Tablo ensures that this table is not just ideal for outdoor use, but works just as well in most interiors. It is a timeless design; a true classic that adapts to all possible styles and tastes, but that still exudes the sense of uniqueness and non-conformism that has become Cassecroute’s trademark over the years.


  • 300 cm
  • 360 cm
  • 420 cm (king size)
  • custom


  • 178 cm (wood)


  • 75 cm
  • 45 cm


  • beams in iroko wood (untreated or oiled)
  • supports in iroko wood

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