Field Kitchen 4

Field Kitchen

The field kitchen is a piece of furniture that you set up in early spring and that can afterwards be used as an indoor table.

It can be fitted with the Cassecroute top mounted tap and/or the ceramic water bowl designed by Roos Loeckx. Cooking is done on a hot plate, in a tajine, or on a top mounted BBQ. No built-in but top mounted components for optimal flexibility and multifunctionality…

The wooden field kitchen is available in all Cassecroute sizes: 180cm, 240cm, 300cm, 360cm and 420cm. Height: 90cm. In aluminium you can order up to 14 meters and in any possible RAL color.

Enjoy the simple things in life…


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Technical Information

This table can be ordered in untreated natural wood, oiled wood or in aluminium (95% recycled).

Iroko Wood

The wooden picnic tables and benches are made of iroko. Iroko is a tropical hardwood from Africa, which we officially purchase in accordance with ecologically sustainable practice.

Durability class: 1-2, same as teak.
Areas of application: shipbuilding, solid cabinets, and outdoor carpentry work.

The wooden beams are predrilled to prevent the wood from splitting. Stainless steel screws and bolts to prevent corrosion and rust marks are obviously included.

Technical information - Wood

Aluminium Beams

The beams are made of 95% recycled aluminium. They are subsequently coated in the four basic colours selected by Wim Segers and Ronald Mattelé.

The Cassecroute collection still has a warranted lifetime of 3 to 4 generations, and remains fully recyclable.


cassecroute picknicktafel aluminium design 6 meter wit grijs (9)

Steel Supports

The metal support is made of electrolytically galvanised steel with polyester powder coating. Here, too, a fully ecological process is used by a manufacturer committed to sound social practices.

To protect the metal frame, the table is mounted on a solid core base.

In one piece up to 14m in length

The Cassecroute Table, Beer Table, Bench and Field Kitchen picnic tables can be ordered in various sizes. Wooden tables go up to to 420cm, while aluminium tables can be custom ordered to be even longer.

The use of aluminium profiles allows Cassecroute picnic tables of up to 14m in length with only four bases to be produced. One table of 6m seats up to 26 persons – who else can say that?

Iroko: up to 420 cm
Powder coated metalized steel frame

Aluminium: up to 1400 cm
Powder coated metalized steel frame

Aluminium Picknicktafels 4

Standard lengths

Aluminium Picknicktafels

In one piece up to 14m!


The coated aluminium picnic tables are available in any RAL color upon request; different colors for beams and supports are also possible.

Lacquered wooden tables are only for interior usage.

The 4 standard colors are:

RAL 9010

Pure White

RAL 9006

White Aluminium

RAL 9007

Grey Aluminium

RAL 7036

Platinum Gray

cassecroute picknicktafel aluminium design 6 meter wit grijs (8)
cassecroute picknicktafel aluminium design 6 meter wit grijs (10)
cassecroute picknicktafel aluminium design 6 meter wit grijs (11)


Not a single tree is felled for the production of each aluminium Cassecroute table.

Picknicktafel Recyclage


cassecroute picknicktafel aluminium design 6 meter wit grijs recyclage
Aluminium Picknicktafels 2
cassecroute picknicktafel aluminium design 6 meter wit grijs (12)

Prices: Field Kitchen

length aluminium iroko
180cm / 70.86" 8 to 10 people € 2299 € 2090 + € 66
240cm / 94.48" 10 to 12 people € 2376 € 2188 + € 77
300cm / 118.11" 12 to 14 people € 2448 € 2297 + € 91
360cm / 141.73" 14 to 16 people € 2528 € 2388 + € 101
420cm / 165.35" 16 to 18 people € 2604 € 2540 + € 127
480cm / 188.97" 18 to 20 people € 2681
540cm / 212.59" 20 to 22 people € 2757
600cm / 236.22" 22 to 24 people € 2833
600cm / 236.22" to 14m / 46ft 24+ people On demand

These prices are only valid for a delivery in Belgium.
All prices are including 21% VAT. Excluding transport and assembly.

Contact us for pricing for the rest of the world.

Gift idea per cm

Looking for a group gift for a wedding, for Christmas or for a birthday?

Why not give a gift voucher per cm. A 240cm picnic table, for example, costs around €10 per cm. An original gift for friends and family!

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