Picnic in the Shadow. Aluminium design picnic table with a roof.

Final prototype, only used for a photoshoot.

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SOLID 300cm. Wooden design picnic table with solid oak boards.

Final prototype, only used for a photoshoot.

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Beer Table 240cm. Wooden picnic table with white supports.

Second hand picnic table in iroko wood. White supports.

Used at fairs.

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Beer Table 240cm. Houten picknicktafel met witte onderstellen

Cassecroute Picnic Tables at Refuge Albert 1, Chamonix

Mountain refuge Albert 1er is a remarkable place near the ‘Du Tour’ glacier in the French Alps. Situated at the Mont Blanc Massif near Chamonix, at 2700m above sea level, the chalet sits on a mountain slope without access roads, and is loved by hikers and mountaineers.

Three helicopter rides took 11 Cassecroute Picnic Tables to this recently modernised mountain refuge. It’s the first mountain refuge inaugurated by late king Albert I in 1935.

Cassecroute goes aluminium

cassecroute picknicktafel aluminium design 6 meter wit grijs

Entire collection available in coated aluminium from 2012.

The beams are made of 95% recycled aluminium, which makes the Cassecroute collection fully cradle-to-cradle. They are subsequently coated in the four basic colours selected by Wim Segers and Ronald Mattelé.

The Cassecroute collection still has a warranted lifetime of 3 to 4 generations, and remains fully recyclable.

The base is still made of metallized steel and powder coated in different colours.

Carré, white lacquered iroko picnic table

New, white lacquered, square picnic table. Iroko wood.

Only for interior usage.
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Carré, vierkante, witte gelakte picknicktafel in iroko